EWI is (once again) a Best Place to Work

March 13, 2024

We’ve always felt like EWI was a pretty special company. And now we have some shiny new award hardware to prove our feelings are merited. 

Today the Business Intelligence Group announced the winners of its 2024 Best Places to Work awards program, which (in their words), “honors organizations fostering exceptional employee experiences and driving exceptional performance through vibrant and engaging work environments.” For the second consecutive year, EWI is honored to receive this recognition.  

 For anyone unfamiliar with this award, selection criteria are based entirely on anonymous feedback from company employees. This makes the award especially meaningful, as employees were honest and candid with their feedback. And (just like last year) our team had overwhelmingly positive things to say about the work we do and the culture we’ve built.  

A few samples:

“EWI is based on a culture where employees treat one another like family.  This culture begins with our President and trickles down from our senior leadership to department heads. It is truly a pleasure to work for such a company and alongside colleagues that embrace this culture.”

“After a long career with multiple companies, this one is the best — culture, fair compensation, ethics.

“We have always been family-oriented, but at the same time very driven to be the best in our industry.”

“We have each other’s backs; with little finger-pointing and blame that many other companies face.”

“I have grown from a hired-on Temp. to a Project Manager / Estimator. I plan on working until retirement for this company.” 

To riff on an idea from brand guru Marty Neumeir, “EWI is not what EWI says it is; EWI is what our employees say it is.” What our employees think matters. 

Since 1979, we’ve held that relationships should come first in our business — a philosophy that extends to clients, partner agencies and employees. We already know that many of our clients appreciate us. (Our first-ever clients are still active clients today.)  

Today we’re happy to report that our employees feel similarly. Thanks to our dedicated people for making EWI a “best” place to work. We couldn’t be who we are without you.